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Learn how to master your bodyweight with the workout programs created by Physiotherapist Daniel Vadnal
Begin Bodyweight

Begin Bodyweight is perfect for those who've never done bodyweight exercises or lifted weights 

This training program is designed to bring you closer to mastering the pullup, pushup, dip and handstand.

Body By Rings

If you’re looking to build solid muscle with gymnastic rings, Body By Rings includes clear instruction and high quality videos that will take you there. 

Spanning 18 weeks in total and including a full video portal containing over 40 exercise demos, Body By Rings is one of the most comprehensive ring training programs online.

Planche Pro

Become a Planche Pro with our latest training course. Only the most optimal exercises are used to guarantee fast progress over 16 weeks.

All strength levels, even beginners are invited to learn how to unlock the straddle planche.

Limitless Legs

Limitless Legs is a self-paced training guide that shows you step-by-step how to get bigger and more aesthetic legs with your bodyweight. 

With enough workouts to last you 12 months and a complete training portal at your fingertips, never be asked if you’ve skipped leg day ever again. Zero equipment needed.

Expert Feedback
"Having created a few ring training programs myself, it's great to see that Daniel has put so much thought into smart progressions and quality programming."

Ryan C. Hurst
Program Director, GMB Fitness
"If you want to benefit from ring training and you are looking for a solid program, which will increase your performance, build muscle mass and become an overall better athlete, Body By Rings is the right program for you." 

Sven and Alex 
Calisthenic Movement
"I highly recommend Body By Rings to anyone who needs professional training knowledge from the guy who has real life results. Daniel knows his area of training very well and this program greatly reflects his many years of experience.

Adam Raw
Calisthenics Influencer

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